Agile Done Right : Miraculous Outcomes Overnight

I have just finished your awesome book and my feedback is – you have expressed all of our Agile issues very easy and clear.
– Mario Lucero (

Agile Scrum Lean Kanban – all the buzz words used by today’s business leaders and management gurus. In 2011, the agile manifesto turned 10 years old. Some of the agile methodologies Scrum and XP are even older than that. Many organisations today are implementing agile methodologies or claiming to be agile already. Many managers and senior managers expected agile transformation to create miraculous outcomes in shortest possible time.

However, even after so many years, more than 100 books published on the topic and numerous coaching, training and certifications offered by various organisations, Agile is still one of the most misunderstood term.

The 2015 Chaos Report from the Standish Group shows only 39% of Agile teams are successful. That means 61% of them are not meeting the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto.

How many people really know meaning of being Agile?

About time someone tells plainly about doing agile right!
– Claude Emond (

Agile Done Right is a book for you:

  • You are starting with your agile journey?
  • You are joining, managing, starting an Agile project
  • You are being asked by your organisation to learn about Agile, sometimes forced by the boss
  • Your organisation is in the middle of agile transformation and you want to get early movers advantage?
  • You are leading such agile transformation. How do you know your organisation is agile? How do you measure success of agile? How do you know you are on the right track?
  • You are just curious about what it means to be agile?

Agile Done Right explains in detail, being Agile in today’s fast paced market. The core Lean principles and philosophy that every organisation should follow. What are the milestones that you should look for and obvious pitfalls on the way. This book provides direct, practical and often humorous advice on how to make your organisation Agile in The Right Way.

Remember Agile journey is very simple, however, extremely difficult to master!