Sam Adams is a management consultant and an agile coach as well as mentor.  In the last ten years, he has worked with many of the large, fortune 500, both public and as well as private organisations. Coaching organisations on how to remain nimble in today’s extremely competitive market place.

Before becoming full time management consultant, Sam worked as a program head with CTO’s office for one of the prominent Investment Banking organisations, where he was responsible for multimillion dollar development program building next generation software platforms; spanning many countries, many teams and many technologies. Having seen first-hand challenges faced in managing large projects in today’s complex matrix organisational setup, Sam searched for better, more realistic alternatives for traditional text book project management.

In the process, Sam discovered Agile manifesto and many benefits of Agile. However, Sam did not stop with successfully transforming one program he was heading. He saw many projects, programs elsewhere in the organisation struggling to become Agile.  His quest to figure out problems faced elsewhere in the organisation led him to study in detail about lean philosophy, Demings writings, systems thinking and organisation structures and bottlenecks.

Armed with new found wisdom Sam is now a full time management consultant, specialising in organisation design and structure and as agile transformation coach and mentor to organisations who are struggling with their agile implementation.

In the last ten years Sam has consulted dozens of private, public sector companies, and IT departments including CTO’s, group heads and directors.

Sam has mentored and coached more than 1,000 professionals on agile and what it means to be agile, who saw their agility increased by a factor of ten, in a short time.

Sam is also keynote speaker at various conferences around the world.